September 5, 2016

If you were going to build the perfect shopping mall, what would you include? Why?

Apart from the issues like architectural concepts, locational advantage, surveys and questionnaires, my topmost priority is to train the 2-3 top men that I am going to hire to take care of the mall. The foundation stone of the shopping mall that I visualize shall be with letters embossed on it, “aggressive selling.”  I want men who can sell refrigerators to the Eskimos!


As for the structure, hundreds of designs are available with construction agencies. For what is sold within the shopping mall, consumer is still the king. Paco Underhill (2005) argues, “The mall is, at hearty, just an ancient organizing principle that hasn’t yet outlived its usefulness. Perhaps it never will.”(p.4) Once the shopping environment is decided, the nature of the population within the immediate surrounding area of about 5 miles, will matter much. The competition to the mall culture is not alone from the competing malls, but from the growing online shopping habit of the customers, especially the combustible younger generation. The ambience of the mall, within and without, will get my top attention. A customer should come repeatedly, simply for the joy of shopping at my mall.

My mall shall be a specialty mall on the basis of merchandising that I am going to keep and   the various segments of the mall will be planned accordingly. Provisionally I visualize a three floor mall, with a terrace garden mainly for entertainment and parties. Each floor shall be designed for a particular activity.  Adjacent to the entrance of the mall, I am going to have an “Economy Restaurant” where food items will be reasonably priced; besides, this restaurant will sell only organic food items. Finally, service to the customers is not the view of life for me, but the way of life.  Charles Duhigg (2013) writes, “Customer service made Starbucks into one of the most successful companies in the world.”(p.149)Visit my mall once and the customers will realize why ‘a thing of beauty is joy forever!’

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