September 16, 2016

Does training young drivers on safe driving reduce road accidents?

Today, auto accidents have turned into a worldwide threat. In spite of the expanded endeavors by numerous stakeholders to saddle this danger, little progress has been recorded. Statistics affirm that road accidents still remain a noteworthy danger confronting worldwide improvement and solidness. Goodwill ambassadors battling against this issue contend that preparation of all the youthful drivers before issuance of licenses is the best solution to remedy this problem. I totally concur with this attestation for several reasons sketched out in this paper.


According to Healey (2004), the probability of youthful drivers to cause accidents is generally higher than that of more seasoned partners. This streams from absence of satisfactory learning on activity standards and newness to handy encounters. The absence of applicable capability and skills raises the danger, confronting these drivers consequently wrecking the endeavors of the administration.

Contrary to the laid standards, some young drivers don’t undergo any formal preparation at all. Somewhat, they obtain the expertise by means of apprenticeship. This implies that they lack any comprehension on road and street signs, movement principles or safety measures. The risk conveyed by this obliviousness is unlimited.

Instances of drug abuse by teen drivers have been on the ascent. Unquestionably, most of them are yet to comprehend the risk this liberality postures particularly on the streets. This exceedingly results from absence of vital information on the conceivable dangers. Thereby, if training projects were set up, numerous lives would be saved.

What’s more, there is need to prepare youthful drivers on managing certain crises and risky circumstances. For example, driving at night, sudden emergencies as well as towing. Notably, numerous accidents happen under such circumstances. Essentially, such form of training would lessen potential outcomes of causing accidents at such situations thus upgrading safety and wellbeing.

One Comment on “Does training young drivers on safe driving reduce road accidents?

Melvin Henderson
September 23, 2016 at 3:07 am

Of course it will reduce! Moreover, if young drivers will be trained of dangerous situations it will cause less problems on the roads.


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