August 29, 2016

What Schools need to do to Prepare Students for the 21st Century


The “Digital Age” signified the beginning of the 21st Century (Beers, 2014: 1). This period (the 21st Century) witnessed a revolution in how technology and information were used. The tools for information management and access impacted how people worked, lived, shopped, and even played. As a result, concerns regarding the skills required for success in the 21st century grew (Pacific Policy Research Centre, 2010). This paper discusses what schools should do to equip their students with the skills that will help them to succeed in the 21st century.


Schools should consider connecting real-world applications and issues to the content knowledge that is taught. This approach will enable students to gain insight on how learning in school interacts with the physical world, and, by extension, their daily lives. Also, the work given to students should be real work that reflects real life and is relevant (Beers, 2014).

Schools should also nurture the ability of students to become creative and innovative by encouraging them to use the knowledge they acquire to offer solutions to problems. This approach will help students to develop new ways of solving existing problems through the creation of better services and products (Beers, 2014).

Lastly, schools should help students to communicate more effectively by providing them with a myriad of contexts and forms through which they can relay information. By helping students articulate their ideas and thoughts using written, oral, and non-verbal communication, students can express themselves in a manner that is very effective (Pacific Policy Research Centre, 2010).


The 21st century has changed people’s way of life quite significantly. The technological revolution has impacted how people used to work, shop, play, and live (Beers, 2014). The above discussion reveals how schools can adjust their curriculums to make the knowledge taught at school relevant to the 21st century.

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