September 14, 2016

Should Retirement Be Compulsory At 65 Years Of Age?

Retirement is the moment a person’s employment career ends and he or she starts receiving a pension. The age of a person during retirement is very important because it determines the length of a person’s work life and the retirement duration (Domonokos, 2014). In this regard, there is a labor rule indicating that workers at the age of 65 have the right to retire and receive a pension. This essay evaluates whether retirement should be made compulsory at 65 years or should workers be given the liberty to choose their working time frame.


Some facts support that this labor law should not be enforced. First, these people have very high experience and great potential to serve the country. They can do better than the young people especially in fields like politics, research and science. Second, they are wiser than the young people hence, they can make better decisions compared to the youth. Third, the older employees tend to be more loyal to their employers compared to the young employees who have the urge to explore (Domonokos, 2014).

Nevertheless, other factors indicate that these people should be made to retire at the age of 65. The physical and mental capability of people aged 65 is not as strong as the young employees. They get exhausted faster than the young people. Second, retirement creates more opportunities for the unemployed youth. Third, senior citizens are not fast in learning new technology and are resistant to change. Additionally, the old employees should be rewarded for their services by being given pensions and the freedom to enjoy fully their old age (Hudson, 2014).

In conclusion, fixed retirement at the age of 65 is suitable both for the society and the senior people. It provides time for them to enjoy their old age. This essay supports retirement enforcement at the age of 65.

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