August 30, 2016

Effects of Zoos on Wild Animals

Zoos are arguably the most efficient places where humans can tame wild animals. Humans can visit a variety of wild animals without going to wild forests. However, over the years, there have been controversies regarding the status of zoos. As some people receive leisure satisfaction from visiting zoos, others argue that these zoos are cruel to wild animals. Critical analysis and research, however, indicates that zoos are cruel to the wild animals.


There are various reasons as to why zoos are not fit for the lives of wild animals. Wild animals ought to live in their natural habitats that are conducive to their survival. In the zoos, the wild animals are caged and cannot interact with each other. This action is also supplemented by the inadequate space in a zoo. Lack of interaction with the wild animals may make the animals feel depressed and uncomfortable; leading to hampered reproduction cycles (Williamson, 2004). In the long run, some zookeepers may lack the morale in taking care of the wild animals. Some zoos even fail to offer suitable food for the animals or good treatments in cases of sickness. Most zoos, however, focus on exploiting the commercial gains of the animals but fail to provide intensive care for the animals. Mitra (2015) suggests that dolphins in most zoos are overworked for entertainment purposes, and most zookeepers do not consider their exhaustion point.

Zoos maintain animals against their natural way of life. This condition threatens the fundamental existence of the animals. For example, feeding animals the inappropriate quantity or types of feeds may cause illnesses or make the animals starve to death (Braverman, 2011). Wild animals also require survival skills necessary for living in the wild. The animals cannot acquire these skills in zoos. Animal studies also indicate that when these tamed animals are released into their natural habitats, eighty percent of them fail to survive.

Numerous studies provide evidence that zoos are an evil rather than good to the wild animals. The adverse impacts of zoo keeping outweigh the positive attributes such as animal extinction. Furthermore, some of these activities interfere with the law of nature. Wild animals should give birth and die naturally to maintain the balance of nature. Zoos are, therefore, cruel to wild animals.

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