September 1, 2016


Population growth in the world escalates on a daily basis with an enormous margin. In the ancient times, there was a small population of human beings who lived in clans (Defries, Thomas, Maria, & Mathew, 2010). However, an increase in the number of the population escalated the human need for a larger land space that led to the clearing of forest to create more space. The population growth created more pressure on the limited land space, and this made the forest clearing to be inevitable as human wanted to create more land beyond the sea.

Reforestation of Field of Trees in Clearing

Every person living in the modern world would agree that people, especially in the developing countries, depend on agriculture as a mean of living (Pirard & Karine, 2012). Food is a major need and a great aspect for human survival. For this purpose, a man undergoes every possible mean to create more space even if it means eliminating the available trees. Food and cash crop growing thus contribute enormously to woodland clearing and with the rising population and the need for more land propagates every day.

Technology growth in the modern world contributes to the improvement of health facilities, and this keep the population healthy with a high life span. Researchers play a role in discovering cures for terminal diseases that used to be incurable in the past. Fewer people are dying and more are born every day (Defries, Thomas, Maria, & Mathew, 2010). It is a sign that even the greatest forests such as Amazon are under siege. Logging activities for companies are unpreventable due to corruption and bribery.

It is evident that most people would not consider the future implications of deforestation, but they would rather survive for the present. Not unless there is a way to control, the growing population I think deforestation seems to be the only means of living.

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