I agree with the idea that internet will serve as a great integrating tool to the world people and will definitely turn the word to a global village. People nowadays all over the world are interacting like people living within the same locality. They can talk, they can share and exchange items online, they can […]

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Population growth in the world escalates on a daily basis with an enormous margin. In the ancient times, there was a small population of human beings who lived in clans (Defries, Thomas, Maria, & Mathew, 2010). However, an increase in the number of the population escalated the human need for a larger land space that led […]

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Effects of Zoos on Wild Animals

Zoos are arguably the most efficient places where humans can tame wild animals. Humans can visit a variety of wild animals without going to wild forests. However, over the years, there have been controversies regarding the status of zoos. As some people receive leisure satisfaction from visiting zoos, others argue that these zoos are cruel […]

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What Schools need to do to Prepare Students for the 21st Century

Introduction The “Digital Age” signified the beginning of the 21st Century (Beers, 2014: 1). This period (the 21st Century) witnessed a revolution in how technology and information were used. The tools for information management and access impacted how people worked, lived, shopped, and even played. As a result, concerns regarding the skills required for success […]

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