September 9, 2016

Is anything private anymore? Discuss how companies track your habits

With the advent of technology and the increased usage of internet, it is evident that nothing is private anymore. Privacy has become a very controversial issue with many people and available evidence indicating that privacy is no longer a reality (Kim, 2004). This has also hit the co-operate world, with companies now having several means of tracking the habits and behavior of their employees. Installation of street surveillance cameras, use of privacy questions, Google whistleblowing, and company checking on their company’s working surfing habits among others, it is evident that nothing is private anymore.


Modern companies have vested on surveillance cameras as mechanisms of regulating individual and group behavior in an attempt to attain certain levels of conformity and compliance to the rules governing any institution or state (Jansson, 2012). A practical application of this is seen in the case of cameras being installed in supply room and streets which aims at stopping employees from stealing among other related vices. Asking of private questions and government institutions monitoring private emails are also aimed at ensuring social control over their employees (Kim, 2004). Another common technique adopted by companies to track their preferences include checking surfing habits of their workers, this is the belief that it can aid in ensuring that the workers carry only the required specified task instead of going about their own businesses.

In conclusion, although it is evident that in some cases, invasion of privacy may require legal authorization from the judge, some individuals and companies may bypass this legality and look into other people personal messages without permission. This among the other such as use of privacy question, checking on someone’s surfing habits show that in deed privacy is nothing in nowadays.

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