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Why are essays so hard to write? It is simple – students just do not enjoy the writing process. No matter how much teachers try to present essay writing as a paramount skill that will help their students throughout the life, no one seems to care. Most of the schoolers force themselves to complete the assignments only to get nice marks, stay at school, and, eventually, graduate. A very small number of students actually loves preparing essays, and in most cases, these individuals are into writing since the early childhood, love sharing their thoughts, or persuading others on the paper, and have a talent that helps them create masterpieces in fast and easy ways. However, everyone is unique. It is natural for different people to have different talents, so where one can craft a decent work in an hour, others can spend days thinking of the proper sentence to start the paper with. But as the curriculum is one for all students, there can be no exceptions given, so each one of the students is obliged to learn how to write an essay. And while this surely sounds unfair, there is hardly a way for you to change the system that exists for years. Nevertheless, there is something you can change, and that is your attitude towards the writing tasks. An induced smile will certainly not help you write better, but what is crucial to understand is that essay writing is not the end of the world, and you can nail the assignment as good as your skilled peers. Forget what teachers say about “few days” you must devote to the task completion or all the complex guidance, and prepare to see how to write an essay in four simple steps.

Find interesting and easy writing topics

The fact that it is very important to choose the proper topic does not mean you need to spend hours trying to find “the one”. Your academic experience will be full of essay writing, so the earlier you understand that the best writing topics are the most simple ones – the better. The everyday life is full of great topic options you can use, and so are the websites where writers share their most creative ideas. Everyone has a beloved subject that instantly triggers the writing interest, so look through a few lists with good topics for essay writing and see if something makes you feel inspired. This way you will be motivated to write, and the whole process will be smooth and fast. 

Conduct a library research

As everything now is accessible online, your body may remain seated while you scroll through the books in a library. It is not the only place you can try to find the information in, as there are a lot of good websites to use. However, do not forget about the main rule of the research for the school papers – use scholarly sources only. Blogs and other online sources with an unconfirmed credibility, where self-claimed professionals share their biased opinions, should be avoided by all means. Note that the example of writing is the worst place to look for the information too, so do not search for any at this point. Try to stick to the books and journals if possible, and use the data from them that directly addresses the chosen topic. Limit the research time for yourself if you do not want to spend too much of it, and make sure you have enough information to produce an adequate essay before moving to the next step. 

First plan - then write

Do not start writing if you have not outlined the paper. Although an essay is not the most complicated work you will have to prepare, its structure is not that simple, so it is better to have it written down. Search for the assignment writing sample to understand what outline you should go with and start creating your own. Use the data from research and assignment requirements to see what kind of sections you need in the paper and how much space each one should take. Think what these sections will include, and write down brief descriptive sentences to guide yourself through the work. Give yourself some time to brainstorm a decent thesis statement, and let the actual writing begin. 

Check in all possible ways

If you have finished your essay, it does not mean you are already done with it. You final goal is to make this essay perfect, and luckily, there are numerous ways to do it. However, at first, you need to proofread and edit the paper on your own. Correct the errors and any sentences that do not sound right. You can use the professional software to check the essay for mistakes, but do not rely on it too much as it cannot spot everything you have written wrong. Family members and close friends are the ideal people to “test” your paper on, so you can either read your essay to them out loud or ask them to check it. Also, consider the option of ordering editorial services in case your paper needs to be polished well.

These guidelines are great for both the students who are into writing, and the ones who are not. They are especially useful if you are stuck on the certain point of the homework completion or are having difficulties understanding the essay writing process. Although essays are not that easy to work on, they will not seem that hard anymore, so no matter what troubles you experience while writing, keep the mood positive, and you will surely make it to an A+!

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